Texturline Metaltech
Colors by Drew™

Texturline Metaltech

Colors by Drew™

·         38 standard colors

·         Utilized with the Benjamin Moore’s Gennex colorant system and is available at select Benjamin Moore retailers

·         Can be custom tinted

·         Does not need protective UV clear varnish protection for exteriors

·         Applies with a conventional rollers and brushes with no roller lines in 2 or 3 coats depending on the tone

·         Environmentally friendly formula uses the latest polymer resin technology

·         Rust inhibited technology wotj applied to unprimed steel

·         Exclusive easy flow technology for fast smooth application

·         Easy clean up with soap and warm water

·         Low V.O.C. formula

·         Can be sprayed with airless sprayer

·         Direct to metal application


Available in quarts & gallons. Contact retailer from “locate retailer” 

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