Saturday 22 Jul 2017

Texturline Moiré


Texturline Moiré is an acrylic based, multiple-effect decorative coating. Texturline Moiré looks and feels like fine silk. Surfaces will shimmer with reflective gold, iridescent, or silver effects. It’s extremely easy to use, when the most novice applicator gets professional results.

Texturline Moiré may be used on new or old surfaces. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, interior ceilings and walls, residential hospitality, restaurants, casinos, theaters, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and other commercial environments. Texturline Moiré is made with non-toxic earth-friendly materials.. It is easy to tint, durable, mold and mildew resistant, water resistant and low V.O.C. Moire is simple to maintain and simple to repair.

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MetalTech is a new idea on metallic paint. It rolls without lines, covers in two coats and is washable. What is remarkable is it can be tinted with normal universal colorants, which means 3 bases make a 1000 tones of metal. Exterior rated, does not need UV clear varnish protection for exteriors, Rust inhibited technology. can be sprayed with airless system, applied "direct to metal."  

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